ELEGRA with its’ partners, maintains good presence in this market segment. With the strategic alliances we have, we maintain a strong position that helps us better serve the increasing consumption in our markets.

Paper has an important share of ELEGRA sales with excellent market presence across the globe.

Printing plates

High quality plates require lower laser energy and thus lower equipment cost associate with their use. There are suitable for medium as well as long run keeping their quality even after 500.000 prints.

There are many types of CTP. We at ELEGRA offer to our customers high-quality CTP.

Pulp & Raw material

The tremendous increase in consumption of packaging and hygienic products leads to stable increase of pulp demand worldwide. Additionally, the replacement of single-use plastics by sustainable paper solutions has a positive effect on global demand.

Pulp is the primary raw material to produce paper, paperboard, and hygienic product.


Whilst standard films are offered i.e., BOPP, CPP, PET &LDPE we also pursue working with our suppliers on new developments keeping in mind the target for a sustainable future of 2025 onwards.

Through our supplier relationships we aim to find the best solution for our customers.

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